Well I have decided to call the book ‘Ordo Lupus and The Winged Serpent’. Its not a name I thought up (thanks – you know who you are and there will definately be acknowledgement) but its better than the titles I thought up and others like it.

Target Audience
I initially aimed this book at Baby Boomers – well actually I basically aimed it at fantasy/suspence thrillers and then pleased myself, but it has ended up more pure fantasy than I inntended. I don’t really mind that. Its oten been said that there is an element of sci-fi in all my stories and I suppose fantasy is pretty close to that so maybe I am homing in on what I really like writing (and perhaps I am getting better at it). I now just need to actually make contact with my audience! I had a lot of friends into this kind of writing many years ago at college but I seem to have lost contact with them. I do not have a single close friend who is into the genre now so I am contacting interest groups on (where my work is published). I will see if they are interested in reviewing my work and I will review some of theirs in return.

I must say feedback from all 5 readers so far has been very encouraging – they have all had strong opinions which can’t be a bad thing.

Target Age Group
I thought my book would appeal to baby boomers (40-60yrs) but as people have read the work some have commented that it would appeal to readers as young as 15 and one reader said as young as 10. There are erotic passages in it which I did briefly think of toning down even more or even removing but the general consensus seems to be that if the reader is sophisticated enough to want to read it they will cope with the erotic stuff or want it.

I guess it will stay in and I will see what happens.

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